The problem we're solving

We all know the feeling: reading an amazing article or watching an emotional video, you want to do something for the cause at the heart of the story. But often we lack the time, money or information to act on our intentions.

Givewith was created to remove those barriers — so everyone can make a difference to causes in need of support, everyday.

Simply read and watch content on some of your favorite sites and show you care with Givewith. Your click will direct a brand's money to a relevant nonprofit.

Your compassion is our fuel!

Everyone benefits


Turn your good intentions into positive impact on sites you love, at no cost to you.


Create more value for top-quality stories by engaging cause-conscious brands and audiences.


Do good for the world and the bottom line with one ad budget.


Raise awareness and tap into widespread, new sources of support.

Where we come From

In 1989, surfer Paul Polizzotto got mad. Toxic run-off was polluting the ocean he loved, and he decided to stop it. Paul didn’t have enough money to solve the problem himself, but he realized that businesses did. By directing the millions of dollars spent on advertising to ocean clean-up, companies could do real good while also reaching consumers in a new and compelling way.