Make a positive impact on our world
Through the power of digital advertising.

How Givewith works

How Givewith Works Section 1 label

We pair brands with nonprofits that fit their corporate objectives, and manage the project funding to provide the most effective social impact.

How Givewith Works Section 2 label

We plan, create, and execute a digital advertising campaign that asks consumers to show they care about the cause. Each GIVE ACTION taken by a consumer translates into funding for the nonprofit, by the brand.

How Givewith Works Section 3 label

We report on three key areas of performance: media & advertising, brand impact, and social impact. And we provide additional content to help companies share the partnership's results to their customers, donors, and investors.

Why it matters

Consumers expect more positive action from brands – and they’re willing to pay more for a product if that brand is aligned with their values. Meanwhile, businesses are trying to find ways to better connect with their target audiences through advertising.

Enter Givewith – a powerful new way to cut through the noise by connecting consumers with causes that have a real, trackable impact on the world. Find and engage your target audience wherever they are on the web, boost your bottom line, and move the needle for your company’s corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and social impact initiatives.

Givewith is the latest innovation from EcoMedia, a company dedicated to delivering funding and resources to the most effective nonprofits in the U.S. through traditional advertising.

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