Meet Finley

A timid, yet spunky little six-year-old, who spent the first few hours of her life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Today, Finley's family helps her live a life with CP to the fullest by tackling any challenges that come her way. Though Finley’s daily routine may be a little different than 'other kids, she definitely has one thing in common - her desire to play outside and experience the joy of just being a kid.

How the Cerebral Palsy Foundation is changing lives

The mission of the Cerebral Palsy Foundation (CPF) is to be a global catalyst creating positive change for people with cerebral palsy. They drive real world impact through their innovative networks in healthcare, education, design and technology by connecting leading medical and research institutions with industry leaders to accelerate not only the development of breakthrough advances, but also their delivery.

Innovative design for a childhood of fun and a more inclusive childhood experience

Lexus has partnered with the Cerebral Palsy Foundation to bring its design philosophy with CPF’s mission of improving the lives of those affected by CP. When designing, Lexus engineers start with the needs of the person first, and how they can improve the experience for them. By combining this human-inspired approach with the mutual desire to help a child with mobility challenges overcome adversity, Lexus is helping to support a world of endless possibilities where kids can just be kids.